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Ghost Towns Tour

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 Ghost Town Tour with Eerie Oklahoma



On October 13, 2003 we met up with some members of Eerie Oklahoma for a bit of a tour through some towns and cemetaries not far from Stillwater and Guthrie. The Eerie team drove down in a Cadillac Limo. How's that for a primo ride? Needless to say they were gracious enough to haul us all around in style. Our team on this journey comprised of Mike, Kelly, and John.

We started out cruising over to Clayton Cemetary near Perkins. It was mostly overgrown with a lot of older graves from the late 1800s. There were a few more recent graves that we had discovered there. It was a segregated cemetary where White and African Americans were buried in separate areas. There was even a bit of a border that seperated the two areas.

We then headed out to a place called Taylorsville. Two brothers built it by themselves. It's a good place for a large family reunion or even a musical event. It has a rustic look with a small natural cave and spring nearby. It's hard to describe, but it's definately a great place to go see. No purported hauntings, but a great place to visit anyway. 

We also made a stop at one of the flea markets along the route. It was a decent place with great prices on some very unique items. It was somewhere towards Guthrie.

We cruised around Guthrie after that. We passed by the old hospital of local legend and fame. Looks like an excellent place for an investigation. Eerie had a connection that was going to get us into the Masonic Lodge. Apparently this person bailed on them that afternoon. We've all had someone do that to us one time or another. Even the best of us can't help that one. We were still cruising around the area and decided to have lunch at the Stables Restaurant. They serve up a great burger and chicken fried steak, but the place has no haunted history that we know of.

With the hunger demons sated, we set out for the locations of a few ghost towns. Directions and signs notwithstanding, we didn't happen upon even a single one of them. Ghost Towns in not only name, but character as well.

Next we stopped at Rose Lawn Cemetary near Mulhall. We meandered through this rather large cemetary for an extended period. It was quite impressive. There were a few fresh graves, as well as a few dating back to the Civil War and possibly earlier.

Alas, we all headed back to Eskimo Joes where this advenure began. The tour had ended with some handshakes, hugs, and a few photos of the groups. We would like to thank Eerie Oklahoma for having us along on this tour. They are great people and everyone enjoyed the trip. We have future plans to investigate some things with them. Check out their site on the links page.


Unbeknownst to us, and John himself for that matter, he apparently had passed away in 1908, according to this headstone.