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Haunted Links

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Some of these links will lead you to similar groups and teams. Others are just places we like to visit.

American Ghosts

American Ghost Society

All About Ghosts

Art Bell-Coast to Coast

Boise Idaho Ghosts

Blue River Paranormal Investigations

Cathe's Ghost Encounters

Corpus Christi Paranormal

Crystal's Paranormal Society

Dagulf's Ghost

DFW Paranormal Research of Texas

Eerie Oklahoma

Ghost Hunters UK

Ghost Stalkers

Ghost Stalkers Message Board


Ghost Research Society

The Haunted Dawghouse

Leflora's World

Miller's Paranormal Research

National Institute for Discovery Science

NorthEastern Oklahoma Ghost Research (NeoGhost)

NE Oklahoma Sasquatch Encounters

Oklahoma Paranormal Research & Investigations

Paranormal Investigative Team of Tulsa (P.I.T.T.)


Scare 'Em Witless

Soul Trackers

Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers

Spirit Searchers

Spirit Walk Oklahoma

Texas and Oklahoma Campfire Tales

Because we all need a little humor in our lives-

For those about to rock...