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Bad Media

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Wronged though I feel I had been by them, I now feel that they have burned long enough by this website's literature against them. To this day we shall remain cautious of whom we speak to, and even more so concerning who gets an interview with us as far as media groups and personell are concerned. The media in general, is not to be trusted. As a rule they are a pack of rabid Jackals seeking a story even at the expense of others, if only to elevate themselves if no other option is available to them. All for nothing more than the ever present and proverbial "story", even if it must be fabricated, concocted, and/or spun by whatever means.
Although the rest has been deleted due to above statements and reasons, this shall stand as it were, unaltered in words and/or ideals: I'd like to congradulate you Mr. Mark Shannon. You have earned the ranking of being the biggest Jackass on the radio in Oklahoma. Karee Evans has earned the Radio Jackass #2 award for being his official sidekick.
and the rest of the Oklahoma Ghost Patrol.