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Marfa Mystery Lights

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On March 6th and 7th, 2003, we conducted a 3 part investigation of the "Marfa Mystery Lights" located 8 miles east outside of Marfa, Texas, at the designated viewing area on highway 67 leading from Marfa to Alpine. Members present were Mike and Kelly.


We arrived at the veiwing area at around 10:30 PM on March 6th. It took a few moments to orient ourselves once we parked at the site. Once oriented we immediately noticed what appeared to be very low stars in the distance. These "stars" were moving. At first glance, we spotted three of these lights, which danced and swooped towards the ground. Two of them were fairly bright. They all blinked to a degree as they moved. Not long afterwards a fourth, fifth and sixth light became visible to us. The first three lights appeared greenish in hue. The fourth light appeared green as well. The fifth light was a lot higher in respect to the others, and changed colors from red to green to yellow. It appeared to be moving away from us and actively moved more than the others. The sixth light appeared yellow.

The only equipment we used was The Sony videocamera with nightshot, the digital camera, and a Q-beam 2 million candlepower spotlight. All other equipment would have been nothing more than dead weight out there. The area was very dark and neither camera would focus in this darkness. Even the nightshot videocamera, with IR extender at full brightness did not want to cooperate out there because of the utter and complete darkness. We decided to watch the lights for a while before we retired for the night at 11:30.

On March 7th, we went back out to the are during daylight hours. That enabled us to see the area where the lights appear, as well as check out the viewing center and it's accompanying "literature". There was nothing to be seen out there, but open desert and mountains in the distance. There were no backdrops of any kind for something to have been projected on to. The viewing center had some interesting reading, including newspaper articles in a small display as well as many bronze displays. These made for an interesting day visit.

At 10:30 PM, March 7th, we again returned to the site for another veiwing of the lights. Four of the lights appeared in almost the same areas they were wandering on the 6th. Two of them, off to the right, off the back of the viewing center, were wandering in completely different areas. They were moving through larger areas as well. Yet again, the first four were greenish with some color changes. The last two appeared yellow, and were brighter than the others, and at times, even appearing to illuminate the ground and surroundings beneath them. The greenish ones also appeared to illuminate the ground and their surroundings on occasion. An idea occurred to me this night. I used the lighting at the rear of the viewing center to get the videocamera to focus. Because of this, I was able to zoom in and capture a few of the lights on video. The digital camera was still pretty much useless. After the other guests left for the night, I decided to try one last experiment. I pulled out the 2 million candlepower spotlight and lit up the areas where the lights were dancing. This particular spotlight is supposed to have the capability of illuminating objects up to ten miles away. It revealed only open desert in those areas and did not affect the lights out there in any manner whatsoever. Nothing mechanical, electrical, optical, or otherwise appeared to have been anywhere around the area of the wandering lights.

Based on everything we have seen out there, we are convinced that the lights appear to be the genuine article. What these lights are, or are caused by, we cannot explain in any possible way. The lights are there, and according to local legend, have been seen there since the 1880s and possibly even before that time. According to some of the locals there, the lights do not always come out. During a full moon is supposed to be a bad time to try and view them. I guess we were fortunate to have seen them two nights in a row. If you are ever in the area of Marfa, Alpine, or Ft. Davis, Texas, head out to highway 67 and go see the Marfa Mystery Lights. These three towns are within 25 miles of each other in a triangle of highway. Just be sure to get to any of these towns by 9:00 PM if you enjoy finding a place to eat as well as a place to stay. Being small towns, everything closes fairly early.

The sign below says it all.



Above is the viewing center for the Marfa Mystery Lights area, restrooms included.