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Bigfoot/Boarding school

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Saturday October 25, 2003 members from GHOULI (Tonya and Rus), Eerie Oklahoma (Tammy), the Boogyman Chasers (James and Cody), Baker- a bigfoot researcher, Oklahoma Ghost Patrol (Mike, Kelly, and John), and 2 local newsmen attended this one. This was a long and interesting day.


James and Tammy walking toward the fire at the base camp/start of the "Haunted Trail"

We started out by following Baker through a section of wooded area. He was looking for tracks and any other signs of one of these creatures. A man named Emmitt, who is resident of the area, stopped by after we returned to the trail we came in on. He had a lot of interesting tales of these creatures which he and many folks in the area claimed to have seen. There was a small bridge in the area, one of the handrails of which, had supposedly been bent up by one of them. The rails were indeed bent, and we could not find any marks on them which would have been made by a hammer, or any other tools, for that matter. The strongest among us could not have bent these rails on a good day. Several of us may not have been able to bend them. After tromping around the area for a few hours, we were all hungry so we took a break to eat.

After what would constitute our dinner, we headed over to the boarding school for a short paranormal investigation. We split into 2 groups here. Rus, Kelly, John, Myself and a few residents of the area were in the old boy's dorm area, the other group went over to the girl's dorm area. We did not seem to have much happening in our building. The other team claimed to have a little bit going on, but not much more than we were capturing. We all regrouped and headed out to the "Haunted Trail".

The Haunted Trail was closed down for the night to allow us admittance to the area. This is supposed to be one of the areas frequented by bigfoot type creatures. We were escorted through here by a very large group of the local residents. Nothing seemed to be happening during our walk to the end of trail. One the way back, not far from the start and the main camp, we heard a crow fly off, crowing very loudly. Crow's normally do not move about or make noise at night. Due to this, we figured something must have frightened it from it's roost.

When we got back to the base camp, everyone was sitting or standing around the campfire, listening to some of the resident's tales. The 2 news guys we brought along (personal interest, not for a news story) came over to John and myself claiming to have heard something big moving out in the woods. The 4 of us went over to the start of the trail and walked up it about 20 feet or so, stopped, and listened. Within about a minute we could hear the sounds of something moving towards us. Not long after we hear noises from a sencond spot and finally a third spot nearby. Just when it seemed whatever we were hearing were getting very close we all agreed it was time to light up the trees. With a 2 million candlepower spotlight, I lit the area up very well. We saw nothing except woods and brush. Nothing big, or in the case of pranksters- human, could have readily escaped this level of illumination.

Some of the local kids nearby called us over to where they were standing not far from the start of the trail. They claimed that two of the creatures had been standing near the start of the trail, watching us as we had sunburned the trees in the woods nearby. As we were listening to their tales and theories, something growled nearby in the low brush. The sound was similar to what I can best describe as a badger growling. It was short and sweet.Yet again, out night sun showed nothing out of the ordinary. After that we rejoined the group back at the campfire.

According to the rest of our team, we were not the only ones to hear things moving nearby in the woods. Rus had stayed behind when the rest of us walked the trails and claims to have heard something big moving out there while listening through a bionic ear. According to the residents, and possibly an audiotape being reviewed by Rus, these creatures are supposed to have the ability to imitate a lot of woodland and domestic creatures' sounds. They are also claimed to have chameleon like qualities or abilities to camoflauge themselves, supposedly to the point of actual invisibility. We can neither confirm nor can we deny any of this. We don't have proof leaning either way. This outing was fun and interesting nonetheless.