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About Us

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Our Story

Each person's information on this page was added by Mike. All information here is kept as close to complete accuracy as possible. This info has also been reviewed and confirmed by everyone written about here to be accurate, if not brief, to the best of their personal memories and knowledge.


Mike (website moderator)
For no less than half of my life, I've been studying the paranormal, unexplained phenomenon, and Earth's mysteries. Everything from ghosts and spirits to bigfoot and the bermuda triangle. I guess you could say I have a sense of morbid curiosity or even an unnatural fascination for these things. The bottom line is this: the answers to these mysteries and questions cannot be found in any book or magazine that I know of. I'm sure a lot of folks out there have grown up hearing and telling ghost stories and urban legends around the campfire, or even at Halloween parties. To a lot of people, these are just stories. There are a lot of people out there who have seen and experienced things they do not want to believe. Most of them may not have the first clue about who to talk to concerning these events. That is where we come in.

My sister's story
as told by Mike:
When I was about three or four years old, my dad was in the U.S. Coast Guard, stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii. I remember an event involving my sister and the family dog. A few summers ago, sitting around a campfire, I asked my sister about what happened then. As best I can recall here is the story: Me and my parents were off somewhere, and my sister was at home sitting on the couch watching cartoons. The dog (miniature Schnauzer, also on the couch) started growling and was looking at the stairs. She looked over at the stairs to see what the dog was growling at.
In her words: "it was a green humanoid looking thing". She also said something to the effect of looking back, knowing what she knows now, she would have though it an alien. Needless to say, she grabbed the dog and ran out the back door. She refused to go back into the house until the rest of us came home. Interestingly enough, the Hawaiians have a "mythical" creature they refer to as a Menehune. It is supposed to be their version of "the little people" as like in Irish folklore. The Menehune can be a kind of guardian spirit, or a mischevious one, if I remember correctly. I'm not saying that is what it was. Who really knows except her and the dog? Today, I am 34, and my sister is 38.

My associate, teammate, and very good friend, John has his own stories to tell. He has seen red eyes in the dark, a "shadow person" (also witnessed by his former stepdaughter), and a ufo sighting. If only I could have been so lucky.

My wife also has a few short tales. One of which involves a cemetary she was playing in with her friends. Apparently she was hiding between a few headstones when she felt a tap on her shoulder. When she turned to see who it was, no one was there. I recently learned of another "encounter" she has had. This one involved a Bigfoot she happened upon whilst playing in a small park in Choctaw when she was young.

Mike, Kelly, and John are the founders of the team. Guests and family members will join along from time to time. We also like to welcome fellow investigators when we can. We are not looking or hoping to be on the news or gain a lot of publicity by doing this. We look forward to making some friends out there, having some fun along the way and hopefully finding and/or proving some things. Our main philosophy is to be cool to everyone we talk to. Hopefully we will get to meet a lot of our fellow investigators out there. Although we like to have fun, we do take our investigating seriously.