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OKC Apartment

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This was an investigation done by more experienced investigators that I was priveledged to join them on.

According to the resident, there was a lot going on in here. Most of his friends refused to visit or stay there. He refused to sleep in his own bedroom because of the presences disturbing him in there. He also claimed that voices tried to command him into action. External voices. Apparently, they had also been in the practice of using a Ouija board on a regular basis.

The Investigators and myself setup the Nightshot cams in various locations trying to capture activity. The other investigators cam captured the first orbs in the bedroom. After picking up nothing everywhere else, I decided to mount my own cam right above theirs. It also began picking up orbs. There were a lot of dancing and moving orbs, mostly very small. One one occasion, an orb popped up next to, then floated behind an investigators hand as she walked in front of my nightshot with her digital snapshot camera.

As well as orbs there was a mist picked up by the digital cam in the bathroom. Various single audible taps occurred at random times as well. Most of those happened in the bedroom and bathroom area. One sounded as if it came from, or happened upon, my nightshot, especially after reviewing the video. Evp was not captured by myself. The experienced investigators may have caught some. I am unaware of their results with that. The Gauss meters revealed nothing, other than readings around and above the computer. Normal emf, caused by the computer, in other words. One photo, taken by my disposable camera, shows a dark orb in the living room. This also appears in the negative.


If you look to the right of the entertainment center, you should be able to make out a dark orb in this picture.