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The Crescent

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The Famous Cresent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Me and the wife (Mike & Kelly) decided to take a short vacation to the Cresent and check it out for ourselves. We even took the Ghost Tour. We recommend the Ghost Tour "for entertainment purposes only".  A lot of the things they say and the explanations they give are obviously manufactured truths. Anyone who has been studying and researching the paranormal for a while will be able to tell right off the bat. Very misleading for the public. As heartbreaking as it is, we decided to let them go on with their speil anyway. Who are we to tell them how to make money? If I could make that kind of cash just from running a line of BS, I guess I would too.

We enjoyed our stay there as a whole. It is an interesting and excellent place to visit. Even without the Hauntings, it is a great place. Somewhere, I've developed a penchant for old historical places, I guess. The town is great too.

The Crescent is a very busy place to stay. There are always people moving about, even in the wee hours of the morn. Both nights we were there, there was some kind of sick excuse for a rock/blues band playing. I like live bands as much as the next guy, but this was just wrong. Plus they charged a cover to watch them. We contented ourselves with wandering the hallways and floors.

We didn't experience much activity firsthand. There were a few noises while on the ghost tour. They could have been staged for all we know. On one walk of the floors, on either the 2nd or 3rd, at the end of the hall, near the annex, the curtain moved. It looked as if someone were walking behind it with it moving around them. Both Kelly and myself saw it happen. There may have been another witness as well. When we got down to the end of the hall I promptly busted through the curtain and snapped a photo. Nothing but hallway appeared on that one. On a few photos in our room we took of each other, we captured a few  orbs. That is all we brought back besides a few cool pictures (non paranormal) of the place.


This is a picture taken of Kelly in our room at the Crescent. The orb at the top can be plainly seen here.


This one was of myself. Two barely visible orbs can be seen at the top. They do not show up well on the scanned photo.