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Tenkiller House

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We Investigated a house around the Lake Tenkiller area. Members present were Mike and Kelly.

According to the residents, there is a picture in the master bedroom that has been known to unexpectedly remove itself from the wall. In the other bedroom there is a picture of a Native American that was bought at a garage sale with a wooden frame. Before they hung the picture, they switched frames. They have reported cold spots and dogs acting strangely in certain areas on occasion.

We began by setting up the nightshot videocamera in the master bedroom. It began picking up moving orbs almost immediately. Both guassmeters were then put into effect as well as the larger cassette recorder with the external mic. The digital and disposable snapshot cameras were also used at several different angles. The nightshot was moved to several different angles in the room as well, for a certain amount of time between each move.

We then moved into the other bedroom. These procedures were repeated in that bedroom. There appeared to be increased orb activity in this room. Nothing out of the ordinary registered on the gaussmeters in either bedroom on any of the settings. The digital snapshot registered one anomaly in the master bedroom. Evp has not yet been reviewed. The disposables have not yet been developed. Most of the orbs in the video did not appear to have been caused by dust. There was no mist or steam present. No one was smoking in the house. Further analysis of the remaining materials is necessary and the results will be posted as soon as we have them.