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101 Ranch

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Investigation of the 101 Ranch and Cowboy Hill cemetary October 26, 2002.

Investigators present were Mike of Oklahoma Ghost Patrol, and Jeff, an investigator from Stillwater. Wet met up at Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater (decidedly good place to meet there) and headed out from there.

We started out in the basement area of what was left of a foundation of one of the larger buildings that used to be a part of the 101 Ranch. Nightshot video, audio recorders, and disposable 35mm cameras were used here. Due to #1 forgetfulness on the part of Mike, and #2 Kelly running off with the digital camera without Mike's knowledge anyway, we had no digital camera on the premesis. The area in the basement was quite muddy, mostly with the annoying kind of mud that wants to suck at your shoes. The tripods were not used due to this condition.  

Next we wandered near the area that used to be the main ranch house. There is almost nothing left there except for a concrete slab which has some areas of tile covering it. There is a small shed next to the slab which we were able to determine is being used for landscaping and grounds equipment to be stored. 

From there, we headed towards what was left of 2 grain silos and 2 smaller buildings. The path to them in every direction was overgrown with tall vegetation. Luckily these structures were relatively close together. Nightshot video and the disposables were used in these buildings. The audio recorders were still running in the basement area of the first structure at this time.

We gathered up all our gear and headed on over to the Cowboy Hill cemetary which is right around the corner from the 101 Ranch. Although only 3 graves are present, they are the founders of the 101 Ranch. One of the headstones was broken with part of it resting on top of the grave. Between the 2 of us, we could not lift it to replace it in it's origional position. Nightshot video, snapshots, and audio were all gathered here. At the moment our data (ghost patrol) has not been reviewed. Results will be posted soon, and maybe a few photos. It was a good investigation overall. Jeff is a very knowledgable individual and a great person to work with and have along. To the best of our knowledge he does not currently have a web site. We can contact him if anyone ever has any questions about the Stillwater and OSU campus areas. 

After reviewing the video, strangely enough, only the basement area was captured. I've had plenty enough experience with the camera to know how to work it. For some reason, it appeared as though the camera shut of when I tried to film the rest of the place. I went to several different locations in and around the area of the 101, each time starting the video at a fresh place on the film. It appears to have shut down several times immediately after I started filming at these locations. At the time I was filming, everything appeared to be in order and working well. The batteries were fully charged and all the right prompts were on the screen as well as the sound of the camera working when I was filming. I find it rather interesting that all the other areas except the basement just didn't get filmed. I should have attempted to take more evp and snapshots. We will have to plan another trip out there in the future. Currently, the audio I've taken is still under review.