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Tulsa Ghost Conference

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On September 13, 2003 the Tulsa Ghost Conference was held at the Avondale Theater which is also known to be haunted. Members of GHOULI, Eerie Oklahoma, Boogieman Chasers, and the Oklahoma Ghost Patrol were all in attendance of this event. Overall it was a decent effort put forth by P.I.T.T. (Paranormal Investigations Team of Tulsa) and Neoghost (NorthEastern Oklahoma Ghost Research, also of Tulsa).

There were 3 Major speakers at the conference. Darren Dedo from Fox 23 news in Tulsa, Troy Taylor-President of the American Ghost Society, and Dale Kazmarek-President of Ghost Reseach Society.

Darren Dedo is listed on the Fox23 website:
Troy Taylor's website is
Dale Kazmarek's website is