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Avard Cafe

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On February 22, 2003, we Joined Eerie Oklahoma as well as GHOULI to investigate Vina Rae's Grill and Graze in Avard, Oklahoma. Members present were Mike and Alex of the Oklahoma Ghost Patrol, Tammy and Shirley of Eerie Oklahoma, and Tonya of GHOULI.


At this location, an actual apparition was reported to be seen by a person known throughout the town to be a very credible individual. The owner and her partner have also reported mysterious bangings throughout the place as well as a room that the dog refuses to enter at most times. Another Oklahoma based team has investigated this location in the past. Out of professional courtesy, they will not be listed here. Eerie Oklahoma was our contactee on this one.

We began this investigation by interviewing the owner, her mother (the aforementioned very credible witness), and her partner, who have all witnessed these happenings there. They are very gracious people who were kind enough to sit down and let us ask them quite a few questions. They serve a great beef salad sandwich there as well.

After the interview, it was time to explore and break out the equipment. Pretty much everything in our current arsenal was used, including the new motion detector. The EMF meters and motion detector revealed nothing out of the ordinary. One of Eerie's devices went off when it was sitting in a doorway with no one near it. While we were filming an EVP session, there were several taps going on around us, as well as what sounded like footsteps going across the ceiling out in the main hallway. At one point, the taps were happening right next to me.

EVP sessions were tried in several areas of the complex. So far this team has only reveiwed the video and digital photos. We have found a few moving orbs in the video and some of the pictures also have orbs in them. Some of the orbs in the video appear genuine in nature. The orbs caught by the digital camera happened in areas where there were either a lot of reflective materials, or just a lot of dust. Because of that, we cannot consider them as possible evidence. We have also discounted the orbs on the video that were in the dusty areas. Simply put, they act like dust particles. We still have to review the audio tapes and get the 35mm film developed.   

From our visit there, the place appears to have some genuine activity going on. The taps were interseting, especially when they began happening close by. The footstep sounds going across the ceiling happened in a part of the building where there could not have been someone walking. When we investigated the area, there were nothing but empty rafters up there. Anyone attempting this without perfect balance, would have fallen through the ceiling. Being a former recent apartment occupant, knowing the sounds of footsteps overhead, I cannot think of any other explanation for that particular sound. The other two teams data may differ from ours, especially considering the fact that our video camera was not running in the loft when we thought it was. Theirs actually was running up there. As soon as we get feedback, we'll post it here.

We would like to thank everyone at Vina Rae's for having us there. If you are ever in the area, stop by Vina Rae's Grill and Graze. The sandwiches, as previously stated, are excellent, and the hospitality is first rate. You won't leave hungry or dissatisfied.

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